While there are tons of pinhole camera ideas around the internet, and even a few that have produced commercial “diy” versions, I’ve yet to see an all-inclusive pinhole camera/development kit for sale…. until today.

The Stenoflex (french for pinhole camera) is a pinhole camera with 10 sheets of photographic paper, some powder developer, some powder fixer, and a sheet of red paper to turn a small light into a safelight.  I think this is pure genius as it brings the ability of home development to absolutely everyone.  You no longer need to worry about what chemicals to buy and how much, and what if you don’t enjoy it and end up with litres of the stuff left over.

The entire kit costs 36 euros, a refill kit (paper and powders) goes for 18 euros.  I’ll be picking one up in the coming weeks to test it out and give a quick review on the blog.  For now you can check out my pinhole camera I made for World Pinhole Day.