I’m a huge fan of Howies in the UK. It’s not just their designs but also their ideals and such, a great company overall in my opinion.  It’s unfortunate that those ideals often mean their clothing is unaffordable to me, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t stick to their guns…


Anyways, I was thrilled to get the above Howies shirt in the mail the other day as a surprise gift from my wife.  My previous favourite shirt had been lost at the laundromat and the design on this one sums me up to a tee.   If you’re in the market for a new shirt, give their site a browse, they are always throwing up new stuff…

bone-shaker magazine

I was over on Howies browsing their new fall line of stuff the other day.  Tons of great stuff but unfortunately they discontinued the jacket I’d been wanting.  My “Work Hard – Canoe Home” t-shirt will always be my favourite, although I may need to ad to my collection when I head to London in September.

Anyways, while on their site, I stumbled upon bone-shaker magazine.  To quote their own website, it’s “a celebration of cycling and the people who do it.”  It’s a wonderful magazine with some amazing pictures and artwork.  The magazine is now in it’s second edition and is shipping to stores across the world.  The magazine is ad free which is always a bonus!

I’ll be picking up a copy at Howies and I hope to have some of my photos in their upcoming edition.