52 Create – Biathlon Stock #2

52 Create – my weekly creative output for 2011.  It’s been ridiculously busy, which might be evident in my post being a day late, forgot it was Tuesday, honest.  As I said before, I’ve got several orders for biathlon stocks due to my past career.  The latest bunch are for my old team that wants sturdier stocks to replace the old cracked and broken ones they currently use.  This design is a bit of a compromise between being the right size and shape, being simpler to make, and being indestructible.

So it’s a simpler design, made of maple, and a bit thicker than usual.  In the end it adds less than 100 grams onto a rifle/stock combination that weighs close to 4kg, so not much of a difference overall.  Stock is varnished and should last longer than the originals…  Stay tuned for next week, should be really awesome…