L’Eroica Italian Retro Bike Race

Originally started in 1997 to help save Italy’s “strada blanche” roads (white gravel), the L’Eroica bike race is a return to the old days of cycling.  Riders who compete must do so on bikes from 1987 or before, woollen jerseys are a must, and of course leather caps and shoes.  There’s no support cars, and the race food is more akin to an Italian feast than a bike race.


Riders can compete in distances ranging from 38 to 202km.  Anyone finishing the longest distance in under 12 hours gets a prize (it’s just that tough).  Over 3000 people compete in these races each October, the majority from Italy, but interest is growing round the world each year.


via Guardian

WeWood Watches

I find in general there aren’t a lot of innovative wrist watches out there (besides this one of course…).  Then I stumbled across WeWood watches, an Italian company that makes watches out of wood.  The amount of detail in these time-pieces is unbelievable.  Would love to own one, and with prices starting at only 70 euros, it’s a tough one to pass up.