52 Create – Flyer Necklace

52 Create, my weekly creative output for 2011.  Continuing on my quest of cheap crafts that require little tools and free materials, I bring you the flyer necklace…  My little turkey is currently in love with necklaces, she wants to be just like her mom, so I decided I would make her a little one.

I needed some cheap material, so I grabbed one of our weekly grocery store flyers, and cut it up and rolled and glued it into tubes.  I then cut the tubes at various lengths and threaded them onto some string.  The flyer was nice and colourful and while it isn’t indestructible, it’s fairly durable and should last her awhile (she generally tires of new things after 2 weeks anyways).


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52 Create – Wooden Push Bike

52 Create – my weekly creative output for 2011…  This week has flown by! Hence the reason my Tuesday post is appearing on a Friday.  Well with the wealth of cutting boards and rifle stocks as of late, I thought I should mix things up and go big.  This week’s creative output is a kids wooden push bike (also called a run bike or balance bike).  These seem to be all the rage lately and you can spend as much as $300 on a designer model.  They are basically a kids bike without pedals, so they use their feet to push themselves along, apparently it teaches the kids excellent balance and helps them to more easily progress to a real bike without training wheels.

There are suprisingly few diy wooden bikes on the net.  There is one how-to with plans out there, but that seemed far too easy for me.  So I look at a ton of pictures of these bikes on google images and sketched out my own design.  As usual, the wheels were the tricky part.  While you can buy a brand new kids bike for $30, to buy a pair of wheels/tires/tubes will run you $90!!!  I found this set at a used bike shop for $20 total, they don’t match, but my 21 month old daughter couldn’t care less…  The frame is made from my favourite – baltic birch (1/2″) with a wodden dowel for handle bars.  I’ve had many comments about the small seat and lack of padding, but my daughter is still in diapers so she has her own “built-in” padding.  I’ll cover it with some neoprene when she is older.


After about a week of use, she is quite comfortable on it, and can go short distances on her own.  I think she’s likely a bit young for it, but she goes nuts every time she sees a bike anywhere, so I figured I owed it to her…


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52 Create – Flat Pack Stool

52 Create – my weekly creative project for 2011.  Last week I brought you the wildly popular Flat Pack Rocking Chair, which is up on my Etsy store, and getting huge traffic (don’t worry I will put up more chairs as they sell).  So this week I thought I would continue on the flat pack idea and make a small stool for a toddler (ie. my daughter).  Anyone with kids in the 12+ month range knows how much they love to sit on things, so why not make a little piece of furniture her size?

The stool is made out of 1/2″ baltic birch, I was going to use 3/4″ but at the last second opted for the thinner stock.  I’m quite glad I did as it is still plenty strong enough (I can stand on it) and it keeps it nice and lightweight (my 18 month old daughter can lift it easily).  It’s 8″ x8″ x 8″ and is just perfect for your average 18 month + child.  I really like the design and may enlarge it to make some end-tables for our living room (I’d use 3/4″ and likely 16″ pieces).  The entire stool collapses into a pile of wood 1/5″x8″x8″ so very easy to ship and even easier to put together (no glue, nails, screws, or tools required).


I want to tweak a few design aspects on this one before I list it on Etsy, but I think it will be a hot seller just like the Flat Pack Rocker!  I’ve got a couple of commissions coming up so the next few projects may be a bit scaled back compared to the last couple of weeks, come back next week to see what’s coming out!


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Makedo – for the cardboard box kid

When I was a kid, there wasn’t anything, quite so much worth doing, as messing about with cardboard boxes…  I coined the term “cardboard box kid” for the awesome kind of kid who could entertain themselves for hours with a simple box.  I was of course, one of those kids myself, but hey, it’s my term, I get to define it.

Makedo has a great kit that includes a safe saw, a punch, connectors, and even hinges to help you join your cardboard pieces into your latest creation.  Now I don’t want to slant duct tape, especially the clear stuff, it’s awesome, but the kits from Makedo allow you great flexibility in building and they are of course reusable, always a bonus!

via core77.com (although their links don’t seem to work…)