Craft Show lineup for September…


Just firmed up my craft sale dates for September.  Those of you in the National Capital area can see me at both Urban Craft Market as well as Etsy: Made in Canada.  They are two very big events so I’d better make this post short and get back to the studio right away!


Etsy – First Sale!

Well, after a long day of home renos, I opened up my email to find that I had made my first Etsy sale.  The wooden Leica toy camera that I made for 52 Create is heading to a buyer in New York!  I even accomodated their request to add “M9” on the camera.  I was a bit torn as it’s supposed to be modelled after a film Leica, and the M9 actually has a slightly different shape, but the customer is always right!

I’ve put two of the toy wooden cell phones up for sale as well as a Parisian Market picture (holga).  I’ll be getting the helicopters up in the next week or so, still waiting to find some time to do the last coat of finish on them.

My Etsy Shop.

Photo of the Week

This week’s photo photo brought to you by my Holga.  To tell you the truth, I’m not really a Holga kind of guy, but this camera was given to me once by my oldest friend. He had bought it to try some “lomo” photography and hadn’t really jumped on the band wagon.  When he saw my enthusiasm in photography, he decided I might give it a better home.  While I’ve seen some wonderful stuff from Holga’s, I haven’t always been so thrilled with my results.  It seems to be quite a good one, with no light leaks (although some would call this a feature…), and mainly just a soft lens with vignette in the corners.


This shot was from one of the many little markets that spring up on Parisian streets, love the colours and the effect the lens had on the resulting picture.