Photo of the Week

I finally got into the darkroom and started developing some films from last October… I’ve got 5 done, but still have another 5 to go.  Things have been busy but it’s something I should really make time for.  This week’s picture is from a roll that I only got developed a few weeks ago, and it was taken last November….  I see a trend here.


Anyways, the photo is of the big ferris wheel at Place de Concorde in Paris (it’s not always there, but was for the Christmas craft fair going on).  Taken last November with my Agfa Optima on Kodak E100 slide film.  I’d spent the afternoon walking around that end of town, went to see a photo exhibit at the Petit Palais, and grabbed this shot on my way back to the Metro station.


Photo of the Week

I took this picture on our last day of our 6 month stay in Paris.  It’s a picture I’d been planning to take for a long time, in fact I have a similar one I did with my d70.  The original was taken on a night time walk with my dad several years ago.  He has a great eye for composition, and while the original was taken from the landing of the staircase, this one was taken from platform level.  Many of the Metro stations in Paris are unique, and this one is definitely my favourite.  I am still sad that I never went to the Arts et Metiers station, but we’ll be back sometime…


Taken with my Hasselblad xpan and Fuji Pro 400H film, handheld.

New Eco Building in Paris

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you’re sure to have walked over one of the many grates that are venting hot air out of the metro system.  Seeing as the trains are running underneath the apartments of Paris, it only seems natural to want to harness this heat and use it to actually heat buildings instead of just venting into the outdoors (although I’m sure the many homeless people rely on the vents to stay warm in the winter).

So a building close the the Pompidou Modern Art gallery is being renovated in order to be heated in such a way. It’s already connected to the metro through a staircase, giving an easy access to the warm metro air.  It’s a form of geothermal heating and should save on heating costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

via Planet Ark