Photo Friday


Took this shot this morning outside a Paris Cafe. I’ve been waiting since last June to buy a new camera but all the ones I want seem to be back ordered. Anyways, all to say that I haven’t taken as many pics lately as I’m frustrated with my current setup (thought I could handle no viewfinder but I can’t). Anyways, went out this morning and threw on a 75mm voigtlander onto my Nex 3. I bought the lens cause it was a good deal but I don’t use it much. But on the Nex it really seems to shine, and my hit rate is far better than with my Bessa film camera.

Back to the picture, I like the people in the background that you can’t quite make out, makes you linger and think about the picture a bit. Might have preferred if they weren’t quite so out of focus, but overall I’m pretty happy with the shot. Now if my new camera could just show up…

Photo Friday – new name….same idea

Well, it used to be called Photo of Week, but it seemed a bit misleading as the pictures weren’t always taken that week.  Anyways, I like the new name so who cares?


I took this photo at Buttes Chaumont, a large park in the 19th arrondissment in Paris.  This man made waterfall and cavern are always a great location for a photo, so I went with my NEX-3 and Holga lens attached.  I was very excited on arrival to see this strange man at the base of the falls.  He was madly sweeping back and forth in the water with a large stick, oblivious to anyone else in the cavern.  I took a long exposure which not only blurred the water but gave him a ghostly effect.  This combined with the Holga lens’ soft picture and vignette, gave an awesome picture indeed.