Photo Friday

Saturday already eh?  Oh well…  Now for the vaguest of Photo Fridays:  This picture is from….. no clue.  I’m going through my old pictures from last year, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that this is in Europe, very likely France, and then possibly Paris or Marseille (ie. opposite sides of the country).  I found it on a roll with other shots from both Paris and Marseille (slim chance it could be Arles as well, but I don’t remember there being any graffiti there).  I have a feeling that it’s from Paris, somewhere around Canal St. Martin, but honestly couldn’t tell you for sure.


What I can tell you is that it’s taken with my voigtlander bessa R rangefinder, and that I like it, and that’s all that counts in the end…


Photo Friday

This week’s photo courtesy of Amsterdam….  Taken with my xpan on fuji pro 400H film, then converted to BW in Aperture.  Speaking of Aperture, why does it take it about 5 minutes to convert 5 photos into web sized jpegs? In fact it takes forever to do just about anything that any of my older photo editing programs can do almost instantly… Apparently you get what you pay for as it is one of the cheaper ones out there… Sorry for the rant.


Photo Friday – new name….same idea

Well, it used to be called Photo of Week, but it seemed a bit misleading as the pictures weren’t always taken that week.  Anyways, I like the new name so who cares?


I took this photo at Buttes Chaumont, a large park in the 19th arrondissment in Paris.  This man made waterfall and cavern are always a great location for a photo, so I went with my NEX-3 and Holga lens attached.  I was very excited on arrival to see this strange man at the base of the falls.  He was madly sweeping back and forth in the water with a large stick, oblivious to anyone else in the cavern.  I took a long exposure which not only blurred the water but gave him a ghostly effect.  This combined with the Holga lens’ soft picture and vignette, gave an awesome picture indeed.