F stop watch

Looking for a gift for the photographer in the family?  Look no further, the F stop watch is a analog watch that features hour numbers in f stop increments.  The face of the watch even looks a bit like a lens!  Seems like a bargain at only $35…

Marcus Bleasedale

I was on the Guardian website earlier today when I found this great little video on Marcus Bleasedale.  I’m new to photography and have many photographers to discover, however I was quite blown away with his work.  I envy photographers who travel the world taking pictures, especially in war torn countries, the danger must be exciting and the pictures are surely rewarding.

What really struck me was that he seems to be taking pictures in order to try to help these people.  Although he is a photographer, I would say he’s really just using his camera in order to bring some social justice to the people he photographs.

I highly recommend going to his website to check out his work.