52 Create – Film Strips

52 Create, my attempt to do one creative project/week for the entire year.  So far all my projects have been out of wood (and most will be too), but for this one I thought I’d run with an idea I’d had for a long time.  While in Paris last year I was thinking that a fun way to display photos would be to print them onto a strip of paper and attach them to the spool in an empty film can.  You could then roll them up into the can and sell them as a set of photos.


I ended up printing the photos on a sheet of 8.5×11 photo paper and then cut into 35mm strips.  I fit 9 photos on a strip with a 2:3 ratio, and 7 with a 1:1 (square) ratio.  Made the background of the strip black and typed the name of the set on the end of the roll. I then cut the paper to look like a film leader.  I decided not to add sprocket holes as I thought this was a bit tacky.


I like the effect, and I think it could be a really great seller on my Etsy site, but I’ll need to redo these.  The dpi got screwed up in photoshop so the resolution is really bad.  I’d also like to put a little more work into the photos used on each strip. Right now they are sorted by camera and by colour/BW, but I’d like to give each “roll” a theme in the future.  I think this would add strength of the photos.


Creative Pro – website review

Creative Pro is an awesome website for Graphic Design Software, tutorials, reviews, etc.  I stumbled upon it a year ago and it’s a great site to visit when you’ve got some spare time and feel like playing with Adobe CS(2,3,4,5…).  I generally stay away from the “news” and “reviews” as I don’t have the funds to buy more software so I need to stay happy with what I’ve got.  The “features” and especially the “how to’s” are a great resource to have around.

The how to’s are directed at all of the Adobe Design Suite, as well as a few other graphic design softwares.  They are easy to follow and very helpful.  I find that only about half of them ever interest me, but there are several pages worth of them that you can scroll through so you are bound to find something useful.  I like to go to the site when I’ve got a bit of time so I can actually follow along with the how-to, if not I find I rarely remember how to do it…  While it covers the whole Design Suite, I mainly stick to the tutorials on InDesign and Photoshop.