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Finally got a few items finished and posted up on Etsy!  Back by popular demand is my Kids Flat Pack Plywood Rocking Chair (named “For those who like to Rock!”)suitable for ages 18 months to 5 year olds (for average sized kids).  I love this design and plan to make more of these over the summer to keep up with demand.  New to the store is the Chunky Monkey, an end grain Pine Cutting board that’s just over 2.25″ thick!  There are two versions with slightly different handholds on the ends.  Both boards feature rubber feet to help grip the counter as well as a food safe mineral oil finish.  Why Pine? Well Pine has some natural anti-bacterial properties that make it perfect for cutting board use, and by making it end grain the soft wood is plenty durable for cutting board use.  Boards come with simple maintenance instructions.

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52 Create – Pine End Grain Cutting Board

52 Create – my weekly creative output for 2011.  While I have already done one cutting board, I really wanted to try a nice and thick one.  I searched around the net, and while Pine is a soft wood, apparently it has anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a great idea for food prep.  Although it’s soft, because it’s end grain it isn’t so big of an issue.  The other thing is it is so much easier to work with than maple and walnut, and incredibly cheap!  One piece of pine I used for this board cost $5, walnut or maple would have been $30-40!!!

The other thing I like about Pine is the great end grain pattern.  With Maple you really need another contrasting would to give it some interest, whereas Pine is great all on it’s own.


In other news, my end grain hockey stick cutting board sold today on my Etsy site! My 3rd sale, hopefully I get a few more over the summer!  I promise next week will not be a cutting board! (although there is one in the pipeline…


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