Photo of the Week

While most of my photos have been from film cameras or the odd one from my D300, I do own a digital point and shoot and feel it’s a great camera for certain situations.  The other day I was making an espresso when I saw this shot and felt the need to take it.  It’s a simple still life and even though it’s taken with a cheap camera, I like the look of the shot due to the slightly different perspective.

Ebay As-Is Camera, Why did I fall for it?

As you may have gathered, I have a bit of a problem with buying cameras on Ebay.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself and before you know it, there’s a parcel at the door with a new bundle of joy inside…

I often see cameras with too good to be true prices, upon reading the descriptions, the seller states “I don’t have a battery so I can’t test it, so I’m selling it AS-IS, but it looks like it’s in mint shape”.  I always laugh at this and think, “who can’t find a battery?” Obviously the camera doesn’t work and they are just using this to cover.

So if I’m so wise, why did I buy a Ricoh R1 in “AS-IS” condition (and yes the seller couldn’t find a battery).  It’s actually worse than this, I lost the auction, and then on a second chance offer I bought the camera.  To top it all off, the seller charge $30 to ship when the postage came to just over $4…

So did the camera work? Of course not. Am I happy that I was right when being skeptical about those ads? NO, I wanted the camera to work!!!

I was really hoping for a nice pocketable point and shoot camera to take with me everywhere. The R1 seemed like a nice combination of quality and portability, while not the price of it’s GR1 siblings.  So now what? Not sure what to do. I took the camera apart to see if anything was obviously wrong, but no luck.  I could look for another R1, or I  could spend a little more and find myself a Yashica T4, not sure what to do as I’m running out of time.