52 Create – The Wrap up

I started on 52 Create last January as an attempt to make something each week for the entire year.  There weren’t many guidelines, and it was mainly meant as a way to get me to find time to make stuff (which I love doing). Along the way we sold our house, packed up my tools, moved across the country, then across the world, so needless to say there was a bump or two in the road.  For the first half of 2011 there was a full woodshop stocked with tools and lumber, while the second half I had a leatherman and cardboard (or whatever else might my neighbours might be tossing in the garbage).  This led to some less ambitious designs, and even some slim weeks where nothing got made at all.  Did I achieve my goal? Read on…

Obviously goal #1 was to create 52 things.  I made 33 things during the initial 52 create weekly phase, then I made a further 24 things as part of my daughter’s Craftvent Calendar, so 57 total, check!  Did I make more time for myself to make things… yes undoubtedly, and even better is that I made time while without tools or materials.

So what were the popular posts?  Top item I made (in terms of page clicks) was the VW Camper Van Toy box.  Number Two was the flat pack rocking chair, and following in third was the Wooden push Bike, although the hockey stick cutting board has been making a surge over the last few weeks.

What’s in store for this year? Well knowing there is no new workshop in sight, I won’t have any ambitious plans, but I do have some projects to be posted over the next few weeks as well as a Day Planner I’ll be selling on Blurb with some of my photos from our Parisian adventures, so stay tuned!

The Russians are Coming!

Lately, my Flat pack rocking chair has been getting a whole lot of love from a Russian woodworking site.  From what I can tell it’s a forum post on flat pack furniture that people are adding to daily (over 18 pages last I checked).  What are they saying about my chair? Who knows I don’t speak Russian, and Google translate isn’t much help either.  I’m hoping it’s something along the lines of “Wow, what an amazing chair, I want to buy 10,000 copies and I’ll pay $500 each, let me just go to the bank and fill an enormous brief case full of money so I can send it to this incredible man to make me these chairs”.  Yeah, that’s probably what they’re saying…