My first week as a Fine Woodworker…

Well, following my completion of the Rosewood Studio Craftsman program, I commenced my first week as a fine woodworker….  First thing I needed to do was get my shop set up.  We’ve recently moved across the country and I had picked up a few new machines along the way, as well as my parents old kitchen cabinets, so a big re-org was needed.  I also wanted to do a tune-up on all of my machines since I learnt how in the “mastering machines” week.  So after everything was in it’s place, I proceeded with the tune up.

Something I discovered quite quickly was that good machines, are easy to tune up.  So while at school, adjusting the planer/table saw/band saw was quick work since they were top of the line machines.  At home, my bandsaw was easy since it’s a General and they make excellent products.  As for the table saw, let me say that I don’t have much nice to say for the people at Delta.   In their defence, it is a lower end model, however why you would place one of the adjusting screws on the table saw in a place where it can only be accessed by removing the blade, when you need the blade in place to see if you have moved it the right amount, seems absolutely ludicrous.  I spent 2 entire days just getting my table saw up to par.  My bandsaw took 15min, and that included installing the new fence.  As you can see in the picture above, a crow bar, likely shouldn’t be needed to precisely adjust a table saw…

Anyways, after a weeks work, everything is where it needs to be.  I still am without a dust collector/cyclone, however I’ll need to wait for some income before I can afford the one I need.  I was quite happy with everything I got accomplished this week, although my 3 year old couldn’t understand how I could spend an entire week in the shop, and “not make anything”?


Etsy – First Sale!

Well, after a long day of home renos, I opened up my email to find that I had made my first Etsy sale.  The wooden Leica toy camera that I made for 52 Create is heading to a buyer in New York!  I even accomodated their request to add “M9” on the camera.  I was a bit torn as it’s supposed to be modelled after a film Leica, and the M9 actually has a slightly different shape, but the customer is always right!

I’ve put two of the toy wooden cell phones up for sale as well as a Parisian Market picture (holga).  I’ll be getting the helicopters up in the next week or so, still waiting to find some time to do the last coat of finish on them.

My Etsy Shop.