52 Create – Spatoon

52 Create, my weekly creative outlet for 2011…  I’ve been looking at spoons lately.  Carved wooden spoons to be precise. You can find them all over the net, but most of them look far too nice to ever use.  I’m also a firm believer in having less things in life, so why not combine two of the most useful kitchen utensils ever?

I bring you the Spatoon, 50% spatula, 50% spoon, 100% awesome.  Ok so it’s not that great, it’s more of a prototype really.  I was glueing up some blanks to make some wooden rings and I wasn’t paying attention and glued two pieces with the grain parallel.  Not so good for rings, but fine for a spoon.  It’s made from maple and walnut, which I like not only for the colour combination, but also for the ice-cream reference.  Next time I’ll make the spoon a bit wider, maybe the spatula as well.  I’d also like to do a bit more shaping with it, but not bad for a first go round.  Probably won’t finish this one, but if I did I would use sesame or walnut oil.


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