Xpan – revisited

It’s been several weeks and many more rolls of film since I bought my Xpan camera, and the question is of course … does the love affair still live on? In short – Yes.  What’s not to love about this great camera?

I’ve finally started to see “in panoramic”.  I find if you close one eye, what you see is pretty much what the camera sees.  I love the wide angle view and have begun to experiment with slightly less traditional panoramic pictures (ie. not like above!).

The quality of this camera is incredible, built like a tank and the images are simply amazing.  I have yet to print any photos, but I plan on doing some experimenting in the next little while to see just how big I can blow up these images.

After three day hikes, I finally found a strap for the camera as holding it in my hands was not only tiring, but dangerous as it left me nothing to grab onto things with.  It really seems to be in it’s element in the great outdoors.

So far I’ve been mainly shooting Kodak E100G. I won 16 rolls of it on Ebay and it cost me less than $2/roll so it’s cheap and plentiful.  Soon I’ll break down and get some Velvia to see what this thing can really do! I’ve only done one roll of black and white so far, still trying to determine what the best filter set would be for this camera.

I hope to begin trying more shots with people in the next little while as I”ve seen some interesting pics done this way.  I’d also like to find a 90mm lens for the camera as it would really add to this cameras possibilities.

Have a look at the Flickr Xpan Group for some amazing images from this camera!