Le Chiottisme – Outdoor Photography Exhibit

I went to a very unique photography exhibition the other day in Paris called “Le Chiottisme“.  It was an outdoor exhibit with the pictures having been blown up to roughly a metre wide.  It was put on by the Paris society for water treatment in celebration of their 40th anniversary.  What was the focus you ask? Toilets…

It was a very interesting look from different perspectives about toilets in the world today.  There were photos from Willy Ronis and Robert Doisneau, but also from other more recent photographers.  The photos ranged from comical to ones that really provoked you to think about how others in the world are affected by differences in sanitation.  Some of the photos from second and third world countries truly shows how lucky we are. The exhibit was along the Canal Saint Martin by the Basin d’Arsenal, unique and enjoyable, just how I like them…


Willy Ronis

I recently attended the Willy Ronis exhibition at La Monnaie de Paris.  It was an amazing retrospective of his entire life’s work ranging from nudes to street photography.  I found it very inspiring and will likely go to see it again before the show is over.  It ends August 22nd, 2010 so if you are in Paris, go have a look!

This great video was shown at the exhibit, I found it intriguing that at 90 years of age, when faced with not being able to hold a camera steady anymore, he decided to stop taking photographs for ever instead of having to use a tripod.