Photo of the Week

You know you don’t use a digital camera very much when it takes you half an hour to figure out where you last put it… And then another 10 minutes to find the cable to download the pictures…  On that note, as soon as I get the AF issue fixed with my D300, it’s going up for sale.  Too much camera to be sitting in the closet (yes that’s where I eventually found it…).


Anyways, this week’s photo was taken on Christmas eve.  I took a long exposure of some Christmas lights while zooming the lens.  I took about 20 shots, and this one looked the best overall.  I got the technique a bit better on a few of the other shots, but as I didn’t bring a tripod along, some of the shots didn’t turn out so well.  Taken on my Nikon D300 with the 18-70 zoom lens (used the entire zoom).  Exposure time was in the 2-3 second range, supported on a fencepost.