52 Create – VW Camper Van Toy Box

I am such a good parent…. First I make my daughter a Leica, and now a VW camper van.  Two things I’ve always wanted, yet no one has made for me!  This week’s instalment of 52 Create is a home made Volkswagen Camper Van toy box.  While the die hard VW fans will notice many historical inaccuracies (not enough windows for the paint design, but too many for the pop top, etc.) you can’t deny that this is pretty darn cool.

The box is made from mdf (1/2″), the 6″ wheels are meant for a lawnmower, and the top is a foam cushion wrapped in vinyl.  The paint was left over from various home renovations (yes I used that colour orange in my house, why not?), and the foam cushion was from a re-upholstered chair my wife and I did a few years back.  This project from start to finish took me an entire year, mainly because I cut the pieces and then left them in a pile in the workshop for about 11 months.  I was a bit disappointed with the paint job as the brushes were a bit too soft (mainly the black outline), and the vinyl wrap wasn’t as tight as I would have liked, however my daughter is happy and that’s all that counts right?

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7 thoughts on “52 Create – VW Camper Van Toy Box

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    • It’s about 12″x12″x24″, but it all depends on how big wheels you have. I had 6″ wheels but you could scale it up or down depending on the size you have.

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