Paris Day Planner 2012 – Buy me!

With some of my many Paris photos, I’ve made a 2012 Daily Planner (Calendar).  It features pictures taken with my xpan, voigtlander rangefinder, Holga, and Sony Nex 3.  I wanted to stick with only film cameras, but the cover shot was just too good to omit.

There are 14 pictures including the cover, and the last 20 or so pages are lined for notes.  It’s 5×8″ or “pocket book” sized and is available on Blurb for only $9.95  Click Here to see the book and purchase if you are interested.

Photo Friday

Holga eh? Sure why not.  While I whine about the thousands of pictures I still have to go through from last year, I didn’t go through any this week.  I’d love to say I was all wrapped up in some incredible new endeavour, but honestly I’d have to say it was more due to laziness.


Anyhow, can’t go wrong with a picture of bike now can you?  Not sure why but I love bike pictures, probably should move to Copenhagen or Amsterdam, but until then I’ll just drool over my pictures.  Taken with my Holga on some type of colour film, quite likely Kodak VC160.

Photo Friday – new name….same idea

Well, it used to be called Photo of Week, but it seemed a bit misleading as the pictures weren’t always taken that week.  Anyways, I like the new name so who cares?


I took this photo at Buttes Chaumont, a large park in the 19th arrondissment in Paris.  This man made waterfall and cavern are always a great location for a photo, so I went with my NEX-3 and Holga lens attached.  I was very excited on arrival to see this strange man at the base of the falls.  He was madly sweeping back and forth in the water with a large stick, oblivious to anyone else in the cavern.  I took a long exposure which not only blurred the water but gave him a ghostly effect.  This combined with the Holga lens’ soft picture and vignette, gave an awesome picture indeed.



Etsy – First Sale!

Well, after a long day of home renos, I opened up my email to find that I had made my first Etsy sale.  The wooden Leica toy camera that I made for 52 Create is heading to a buyer in New York!  I even accomodated their request to add “M9” on the camera.  I was a bit torn as it’s supposed to be modelled after a film Leica, and the M9 actually has a slightly different shape, but the customer is always right!

I’ve put two of the toy wooden cell phones up for sale as well as a Parisian Market picture (holga).  I’ll be getting the helicopters up in the next week or so, still waiting to find some time to do the last coat of finish on them.

My Etsy Shop.

Photo of the Week


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my Holga.  I hate the way the bulb switch moves on it’s own, often ruining an entire roll of 120 film, yet when it works, I often get a great picture which I love.  I’m not a holga kind of guy, I was given mine by a friend who’s foray into film photography lasted about 2/3 of a roll.  I have an unwritten rule about not selling cameras that were gifts, which unfortunately means I end up keeping more of them around then I would like…

Anyways, this week’s photo is of some kid’s push cars outside a little toy store in Montmartre, Paris.  It’s on the back side of the hill and I walked by one day and thought it would be a great shot to put up in my daughter’s room.  I have some plans to make a wooden push car later this year as part of my 52 Create project.

This picture will be put up this weekend on my Etsy site for sale, so head on over if you’re interested.  Any of the pictures seen on my flickr site can also be purchased, leave a comment or contact me directly if interested.

Photo of the Week

With yesterday’s talk of lomography cameras and double exposures, the picture below came to mind.  It’s a double exposure (by accident in this case) of the Paris city hall as well as the Invalides.  It’s an interesting juxtaposition, and could have some sort of double entendre if you were up on politics I would assume.  As said, taken with a holga (glass lens) on Kodak 400VC.

Sprocket Rocket – Panoramics on the sort of cheap

I own a holga, I admit it.  I didn’t buy it though.  A friend had bought it, used it for almost a full roll, and decided it wasn’t for him.  I’m never one to refuse a free camera, so home it came with me.  I’ll also admit that I have enjoyed it from time to time, but it certainly hasn’t become my one and only camera.  Mine has no light leaks and simply gives a soft shot with vignette, I don’t think I would like the ones that leak.


From the makers of holga comes the Sprocket Rocket, a new camera that takes panoramic film images and can even expose the entire film (hence the sprocket part of the name).  I can’t help but think if this camera had been available during my xpan search, I might have bought it first to try and satisfy my panoramic urges without spending too much money.  I guess in a way I’m glad I didn’t as I would have still bought the xpan and then had also wasted money on the above camera…

It shoots 35mm film, has a 30mm lens (zone focus), and has one shutter speed (as I said, same people who make the holga…).  It does have two wind knobs which allows you to move the film forwards and backwards while shooting, enabling you to do cool overlap effects.  I like the design and I think it’s a great way to get into panoramics, but I’m not sure if I’d spend the money on this one.

Photo of the Week

This week’s photo photo brought to you by my Holga.  To tell you the truth, I’m not really a Holga kind of guy, but this camera was given to me once by my oldest friend. He had bought it to try some “lomo” photography and hadn’t really jumped on the band wagon.  When he saw my enthusiasm in photography, he decided I might give it a better home.  While I’ve seen some wonderful stuff from Holga’s, I haven’t always been so thrilled with my results.  It seems to be quite a good one, with no light leaks (although some would call this a feature…), and mainly just a soft lens with vignette in the corners.


This shot was from one of the many little markets that spring up on Parisian streets, love the colours and the effect the lens had on the resulting picture.

Photo of the Week

I had a falling out with my Holga recently.  All my shots were overexposed and blurry, couldn’t figure it out till I noticed the B/N switch had moved itself to Bulb!  Only one roll of film was wasted, and now we’re good friends again.  This week’s photo is with said Holga using Kodak 400VC at the local market.  Love the vibrant colours and how the vignetting focuses you on the subject.