Processing film…

tmp_20140409151438_168261806Taking a little break from work and finally got around to processing my rolls of black and white film… I’m embarrassed to say that most of them are from two years ago.  I’ve been busy, but really, this only took me an hour or so, and its hard too believe I haven’t had an hour of free time over the last two years… It was exciting to see the negatives come out, but a bit bittersweet when I came across the roll where my Xpan died half way through.  I have resolved to spend the next bit of woodworking earnings on having it repaired so I can once again enjoy it!






Photo of the Week

This week’s photo is from a trip to Berlin last November.  I really liked the subway and train system and took many pictures.  I was a bit disappointed that what I thought had been a colour roll was actually a black and white.  Many of the shots just didn’t work in black and white, however this one, with it’s contrasty architecture, really lends itself well to it.


Taken with my Hasselblad xPan, 45mm lens, Kodak Tri-X, developed in D76.

Photo of the Week

Started scanning some of my backlogged black and white film from last year.  I still have several rolls to develop, but I’ve scanned most of the developed stuff now.  I tried Tri-X, the film that everyone seems to praise.  Not sure if I like it, lots of dark negs it seems, might have to adjust my developing on the rest of the rolls.


This week’s photo taken with my voigtlander Bessa R and the 15mm Heliar.  Gives some great wide angles but also makes all the posts in the picture crooked…  Taken with Kodak Tri-X, developed in D76.  We had gone to Gare de l’Est for a day trip out of Paris, but due to some striking workers, we ended up heading to the local park instead.

Photo of the Week

I went to get my film processed a few weeks ago, and they actually lost a couple of rolls and sent me off for a walk while they tried to track them down.  It all turned out for the best as they found them in the end and I had a nice walk while taking lots of pictures.  This shot was taken with my Xpan on black and white film that I processed myself (and didn’t lose).  The bridge is over a bunch of train tracks leading into one of Paris’s many train stations, I like the sense of scale given from the person walking along the sidewalk.


While there are tons of pinhole camera ideas around the internet, and even a few that have produced commercial “diy” versions, I’ve yet to see an all-inclusive pinhole camera/development kit for sale…. until today.

The Stenoflex (french for pinhole camera) is a pinhole camera with 10 sheets of photographic paper, some powder developer, some powder fixer, and a sheet of red paper to turn a small light into a safelight.  I think this is pure genius as it brings the ability of home development to absolutely everyone.  You no longer need to worry about what chemicals to buy and how much, and what if you don’t enjoy it and end up with litres of the stuff left over.

The entire kit costs 36 euros, a refill kit (paper and powders) goes for 18 euros.  I’ll be picking one up in the coming weeks to test it out and give a quick review on the blog.  For now you can check out my pinhole camera I made for World Pinhole Day.

Impossible Project – PX100 Silver Shade

While at negatif+ the other day, I managed to pick up some PX100, the new black and white polaroid film.  I’d been excited to try some however the shipping to Canada is ridiculous.  Waiting till Paris I managed to pick some up for 16 euros, not too bad.

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet as I had just loaded one of my last cartridges of colour 600 film into my SX-70, and with 7 frames to go, I’d rather not rush it!  This film is of the latest batch (not First Flush), so hopefully I’ll get some better results than what some were first reporting.